Sunday, September 21, 2014

in the flowery flux

our lives are in a constant state of comings and goings. potential transformations start as a single pioneering bud in the landscapes of our being; some die out but some just spread like wildfire, forever changing the landscape with the bright colors of their opening buds: changing who we are, or how we see everything, or both. but even these things are subject to change. 

Yesterday i had the privilege of bonding with Carmen. We talked about general life stuff over homemade pudding milk iced tea. We even got to use the tarot cards and they were entertaining as usual.

We almost did our default activity of watching something on the laptop, but instead we just sat there, talking, and we were glad we did. We talked about how different we were, and how different our conversations sounded, the way we handled things and our emotions was different, apart from the unavoidable change in the content of our conversations, as we're graduates now, trying to establish what we'll do in our lives, instead of hormonal teenagers.
just leavin this here as a reminder of the nice cool bedweather the day we hung out and also because flower sheets are pretty (.. and goes with the theme haha)

There were a couple of moments while I was making the tea where Carmen said she was mesmerised by watching, and it brought my attention to how peaceful life is lately. Maybe it's our efforts at living in the present more, or the fact that we're in steady places in our lives, or a combination of both. But it was nice to be around someone who wants the same things and desires to interact with the world the same way as I do. I'm very thankful to have managed to keep a nice handful of friends with me from childhood. Those who I've managed to link arms with admist the waves of change. If there's one thing I would have wanted my younger self to know when I was in my troubled years, it's that I don't need much to be happy. I don't need dozens of friends, just a few that are honest, kind, loving and open to knowledge. I don't need to be perfect, I just have to be doing things I love regularly, and get better at them as a result. I don't need to the best at anything, I just need to keep trying. And all I need to have a good time is good company.
carmen left her hairtie so i let miaumiau hold it. carmen gave her to be as a xmas gift ^^

our lives are in a constant state of comings and goings. pieces of us will thrive and pieces of us will die. it's all about favoring the pieces we prefer through establishing the idyllic environment that will enable these pieces to thrive.

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