Saturday, August 30, 2014

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They were not kidding when they said you can get insane deals in National Bookstore Warehouse Sales. I guess people flock to those places and endure the stress of rummaging rows and rows of shelves and piles for a reason. Check out the goods I got on my two visits:

The thing at the bottom is A Christmas Carol, in a nice comic book form.. for FIVE FREAKIN PESOS.

I managed to get some pretty nice stuff considering that I was late to the party and the better books have already found owners.. I felt pretty lucky too because I made a mental note that if D!rty Chinese was still there when I got back then it was meant to be. And it was, even if it took me a couple of weeks to come back.

Picture 1 total: 312.50 pesos for 10 items
Picture 2 total: 110 for three items

It's not just books that I got, I also got some pretty cute stationery and an In-Flight Japanese Language CD. The CD was impressive - mint condition, 25 pesos.. what.

That Tintin compilation book we got for 75 pesos from 800 pesos!!!

Some of the items Emmy insists we get because they are simply a STEAL at their price, and he said we definitely must have classics available where we live, and since he grew up reading Tintin, our kids have to be able to as well :) And he likes Provencal cuisine so even if the cooking book was 100 pesos (I know, how expensive *sarcasm*) we definitely must have it. The drawings and recipes are very nice, too!

Some random stuff, my very good friend Abby sent me a postcard not long ago, and it filled my heart up so much with good feels that I put it up at my desk.. As a reminder that some people think I'm a good friend. Haha. More seriously, it will encourage me to continue to try being a nice friend. I dunno. I just need this so I can see myself that way, as someone capable of making and keeping friendships.

Also I finally learned how to do a Celtic Cross spread using my Tarot cards and my spread was VERY INTERESTING and very apt to my current situation.. It's almost creepy! I don't really believe in anything divinatory, but it was a rollercoaster ride nonetheless. Unfortunately I'm a bit lazy to get into details. Here's the spread though

The things I liked most about doing this are 1)It offered me actually very useful insight regarding my situation and attitude, 2) It brought very hopeful messages after giving the advice 3)It seemed to be very aware of E's presence and significance in my life hahaha. 

He's back in France and I miss him a lot. But if things work out, this will be the last long stretch of time we'll spend apart... But in order to cope anyway, I want to share two cute pictures of him (sorry Emmy)

This is from when he hit his head on my wall/ceiling (I have slanted wall/ceilings) and actually bumped a HOLE on it!!

This was after I fixed it... it was kinda bad before.

It was really scary but kinda funny now that I know his skull is okay. I wasn't there when it happened, I was downstairs then he messaged me asking if I could go up.. then  cryptically said "I hurt myself" I ran upstairs panicking and just saw him holding his head and relieved beyond belief that there wasn't any blood that I could see. I feel bad for thinking he's super cute because of something like that but I somehow can't help it T.T my poor baby.. I put a whole dozen ice cubes in a sock and put it in a ziplock and of course snapped pictures cos I'm an idiot.

Lastly here is a rare picture of him without glasses on!! (he was wiping them, if you can see) I got trigger happy when he was about to leave cos that's one of the ways that the loneliness manifests when I don't want to just cry all the time... So there's a bunch of random pics of him in my computer, but this one really catches my eye when I look at the folder (which... I admittedly still do sometimes just to see him :ppppp) He's so cute. Awe.

I know, I'm disgusting. Don't worry, you just reached the end of this post. Bayiii ~

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