Wednesday, August 6, 2014

intergalactic kuneho fusée

On Monday, Beardy and I watched GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!!


Before we left, we broke out the whiteboard we got the day before and created a wonderful masterpiece
intergalactic kuneho (bunny) fusée (rocket)
We bought it after coming home from tagaytay and then having dinner at Rack's , which is starting to become a big favorite place (he tried it for the first time last year and loved it ever since - GREAT MEAT U NO) and drew these bunnies in veggienums space before leaving.

then after the movie we went around Metro department store and found these on the discounted books section.. a kid's french picture book for me and a modern filipino legend story book for him! we like carabaos.

Our trilingual relationship tickles me. Even when both of us are babyn00bs in each other's language. [it's ok, kid books are cuter anyway]

Sometimes I make him teach me French. In fact, we used the whiteboard in conjunction with the French book, making our own rules to make it more challenging. As for the Filipino bedtime story, it has English translations so it's teaching him new words in Filipino as well...

More about our weekend though..

Our weekend at Tagaytay was an adventure. We stayed in this huuuge house which was creepy on the outside but pretty on the inside, in a pretty but dilapidated neighborhood. I'm not sure if it was just the recent storm, but it had a couple of problems. 

It's mostly deserted and some of the roof tiles were missing on the houses, and when we got there there was no water. The water did arrive at night and just when a couple of us were finally showering, THE ELECTRICITY WENT OFF. But it was just for ten minutes or so. There weren't any commercial places nearby, so we just hung out by ourselves and brought all of our own food. 

Honestly though, I enjoyed it a lot. We still had access to internet through our parents' gadgets, and well, there's card games and fun stuff on my aunts' gadgets to play.. My niece Nica and I played this weird jumping bird game on the stairs and Beardy and I played card games, Rummy by ourselves and Pusoy Dos with two of my cousins..

Also Sansa was off-leash a lot of the time even with the open door, which she enjoyed a lot! We can't let her off leash with open doors at home because there are cars outside and abduction potential and we don't have a fence. But when we were in Tagaytay she was super free, we even took her outside off-leash sometimes!

here she is winking cos she knows she'll eventually be set free [or cos a cute boy is rubbing her tummy]:

and here she is enjoying the ride home, looking out the window staring at cows and barking at dogs

Anyway, yeah.. I didn't really get to write on here at all from when Beardy arrived on the 8th of July, I decided I'll let it come naturally to me. But it's been great! So great that I'm ending this with a selfie

Or is this an us-sie.. does that even exist. Anyway bye!

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