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I'm Bea. A humb'lil' potatocake lost in the south of the Metro (MNL) trying to find what's good, what's kind, what's important.

I've been trying to condense my message into the shortest clearest way I could put it because I tend to ramble a lot and here's what I've come up with:

★ Be Okay ★ Be You ★ Be Better ★ Be Kind 

I like to make things, to discover,
to look in, out, and into another.

oh and incidental rhyming. welp!

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Oh you're still here? 
I guess I could tell you a bit more...

Here's my short and dry introduction:

I'm a teacher who likes to write, make art, make things better, and make things in general. I live with my partner Beardy, and I just use that alias for funsies and matchies because I'm pretty sure it's very easy to find his name elsewhere. 

Hm.. Still here.. Ok. Here's an extension of that introduction if you want to read a longer one (like seriously, feel free to stop reading a-ny-time):

I like ideas a lot. I think a L O T and do very little as a result of that thinking, which has made me, for a long time, very unhappy and frustrated. I'm going through a journey of searching the ways in which I can improve my thinking and doing ratio, my believing and living ratio, my ideals and i-did-that ratio (HELP THE PUN MACHINE IS RUNNING OUT OF JUICE) without being unrealistic, woo-woo, without ignoring what my natural capabilities are, and my tendency to be HECKIN LAZY. I've long tried to mold myself into this perfect little picture of health and functionality, often ending up just squishing myself into unrecognizable unnatural shapes that nobody wants, certainly not me.

I'm learning to respecc my own journey. To protecc my me-ness. To atacc my shortcomings with a whole lot of self-understanding, knowledge, compassion, and a whole lot of humor. If you're down with that, you can check in with me every now and then. I find that watching other people go through the same stuff I go through helps me process a lot of what's going on, even if they don't give you all the answers. We're just hot n dirty little pieces of coal, let's be glowy together!

I've written this blog's purpose in the form of a silly poem. If all of that previous silliness hasn't deterred you yet this sure will. Ok *clears throat*

A little humor goes a long way
A little insight to start your day
Come with your flaws, I came with mine
Let's rub them together 'till we all shine!
A light to shine when times get rough,
A light that's mine, without the fluff
Unless it's the kind that tickles you inside
Here's a warm and comfy place to hide

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