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I'm Bea. A twenty-something south of the Metro (MNL) trying to find what's good, what's kind, what's important.

I like to make things, to discover, and to look in, and out, and into another.

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User Data Log 1.0 (07/03/17)

Current Self-Improvement Projects:

  • micromanaging
  • getting stuck in my head (analysis paralysis vs. learn-by-doing)
  • habit formation
  • typical health shizz (what to put in my mouth, how to use my limbs more)
  • purposeful feeling vs. getting lost in tsunamis of emotion
  • staying objective in this bias-buffet kind of world
  • being more enterprising (use to not lose my talents, and to capitalize on what's left of them)

Current Life Situation:

  • mostly live independently with partner in tiny, shared apartment, sometimes live at home with family
  • teacher's assistant for kindergarten
  • trying to use free time well while making career out of current job by branching off to more consequent pursuits, some related to job, some not, some..kind of?

Current Interests:

  • self-betterment and consuming media of this strain from influencers
  • artful living
  • cookery and nutrition
  • music and what to do with our past relationship. shall we reunite? cast your votes down below
  • writing, documenting life, maybe creating fictional ones in future
  • animals, mostly my dog, among other pure gentle terrible beasts
  • funny shit
  • the news (i can tolerate this with enough funny shit)
  • my boyfriend (sorry but i decided i'd be honest here)

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