Sunday, September 28, 2014

i get by with a little help

Ahh, I've missed this feeling. Being newly showered after the sweat, grime, and heat of a day well spent with great friends.

me before leaving home today!

It's not something I thought I'd miss.. To be honest I never really paid attention to it. But my body recognized the feeling. I guess it enjoyed it a lot before even though my mind never took notice until now.

My friends and I scheduled a McDonald's get-together today; I'm sure you've heard that Twister Fries are back, and I really wanted some. And I also missed my friends quite a bit, so I thought... why not just go there and eat twister fries together rather than ordering for delivery and eating alone, since two of them lived near where McDonald's is anyway!

I wanted to sing to my McSpicy and Twister Fries. Oh how I've missed them so.

(and i felt the exact same way about my friends, to be honest. Even Carmen who I just hung out with a week ago.)

It was super fantastic. Afterwards, Pia finally got to bring us to the Café she's been wanting to show us for such a long time. You Got Baked. It was better than expected.

Nice atmosphere, nice books, and it was kinda cute to me that the girly cafe had boys behind the counter. They were nice and smiley and actually fit the ambiance very well XD Then, of course, ISAW! Duh. Haha. I guess it's unconventional to eat streetfood after a meal and dessert, but, where would you put streetfood in the sequence anyway? it's its own thing. just kidding. logically it probably should have been first.

We talked about everything from personal stuff, what's to come soon in our lives, to stuff that made us cry/choke in laughter to great big world issues that little ol us feel too small in the world to change, but we still felt inspired and empowered by each other to try. It sure does help that I have such inspiring friends ~ for example, Aizel just got a design approved for the electronic shuttle buses in Makati! I feel so freakin proud and happy for her :) the whole concept of electronic shuttle buses is so important and revolutionary in my opinion, so the fact that she can take part in it is such a huge thing.

it was bitin -we certainly felt supercharged and still yearnin for more brainstormin', but since we've all agreed to regularly meet for collaborative activities, projects, short side ventures (that Pia had wittily coined OJT - "own job training" XD)  and self-managed skill classes (we're gonna teach each other stuff! how cool!!) then we'll all surely be together again for more of these electric, productive, empowering moments.

I might manage to take more pictures next time.

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