Friday, August 9, 2013

The Funny Frenchman

Hi internet! How is everyone doing? How was everyone's July? I somehow kept thinking it was August 1 for three days straight, which made life really confusing. I greeted Beardy two days in advance for our 33rd monthsary and I woke up today noticing that it's still our monthsary... I was like whaat? I guess time just goes a looooot slower without Beardy around. Because it's not nearly as fun! Three days felt like a whole week, while the two months he spent here with me felt like nothing at all. We did so much stuff, and I honestly had the best time of my life. But of course it ended all too soon!

But I'm not one to sulk. (Hehehe, at least not anymore. I didn't take it well last year when he left!) So I've been cheering myself up by watching a lot of Girl Code, re-playing some Plants vs Zombies, and downloading a bunch of other stuff to entertain me with to pass time in between bouts of job-hunting.

(I just noticed that it's been mentioned more than three times in my timeline that today feels like a friday.. HAS SOMEONE STOPPED TIME FOR EVERYONE AND MADE EVERYONE JUST REPEAT AUGUST 1??? WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING lol)
yup my camera still has a problem

And now to cheer myself up further, I'm going to fondly reminisce about the funny shit that came out of Beardy's mouth during our trips.

i dunno, i find this picture hilarious. looks like a panic attack after finding out the zoo is closed (it wasn't, we were just early)

Backstory for first one: When we went to the indoor zoo, we found Jenny the orangutan lounging on her seat without her trainer. We were very eager, but shy and apprehensive about approaching her without supervision. But he slowly, very slowly approached her, making eye contact, and walking very slowly closer.. Until she offered him a finger and they did the ET thing:

yeah he has a way with animals

But then afterwards I got to take a picture beside her with her trainer there:

Me: Mine isn't as organic cos she was told to pose with me. Yours was a natural encounter.
Him: Yeah... A natural encounter... 
Him: With a monkey in a t-shirt.

The zoo was really nice, I would highly recommend it for anyone who's looking for one in Metro Manila!

here's a picture of a lioness breathing some dragonballs. just kidding. it's just reflections of lamps

There was only one thing I found to be not so great about it (aside from some sad-looking animals, but they weren't sad cos they're maltreated, it's just natural for wild animals to be uncomfortable in captivity, even with ample space and food!) ...At least, on the day we were there, they played current radio-circulation music and it just really didn't suit the surroundings.

Me: They should play jungle music instead...  Or African music.
Him: Yeah... Like Phil Collins. 

Beardy: bringer of funsies. whisperer of birdies.

And there was a time where we were sat down watching a movie in my room and he was caressing my shin, and he smiles at me very affectionately, and says:

Him: Even when you're a bit hairy your legs are very soft...

I think it's the non-ironic sincerity of it that made it really hilarious to me.

we regularly had movie nights/afternoons where we'd just make ourselves some iced drinks (with straws!) and popcorn or chips

We were reading the news and there were some awful, unacceptable racist behaviour going down and he was visibly upset by it:

Him: I wish there was a way to turn people black... You can punish neo-nazis by turning them black!

The last one's a bit harder to explain. I'll do most of it after the excerpt, but for now let it be said that we have a thing for puns and point-winking at each other to applaud good ones and that we've been trying to teach each other our mother tongues.

the nice people from Makati Apartelle did this really cute thing and chose somewhat a french theme for our kitchen decor and placemats XD

We were at the place we stayed at in Makati. He was on the bed and I was at the fridge and he said something like..

Him: Pass me the ice please.. Glacons.
Me: Small.. ice? Oh, like, ice cubes?
Him: Small cubs! Get it? Cos small bears ("ours") are oursons

Haha okay, okay I admit that one doesn't really translate well written down but it was adorable when he said it.

I feel like my Beardy is getting funnier and funnier as our relationship gets older. I dunno, maybe it's just our humours kind of adapting to each others'? Whatever it is, I'm loving it! Laughing burns a lot of calories, you know.

PS: I got a job at a call center nearby! It's not exactly related to my field, but it's a good start! I need to learn how to talk to strangers. That's a skill that's universal in its application. Would be nice to be paid to learn something you can really use :) Also, obviously I started writing this at the start of August and it's already the 9th so... Yeah.

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