Sunday, August 11, 2013

Things That Made Me Happy Today

this show is so AWESOME

iced morning coffee (not instant :333) 

my cutest lil’ pup 

a great first meal of the day! Lettuce and cucumber with a dash of sesame kewpie dressing, chili porkchops and just a wee bit of rice.. (No photo :3) 

successfully controlling my portions. i still ate like a fully grown adult, a full big girl plate, it’s just that i usually over-eat when the food is that good..Ate more than one slice of cake at the party tonight, though.

the fact that I’m going to wake up on monday to a job (even if it's just training period for now) and it’s making me feel purposeful ..and that it’s early enough in the game to not feel bad about it i guess..but i’m kinda hoping i never feel bad about it! just tired. which is fine.

the privilege of not having to travel big distances to go to work 

the privilege of living at home and having basic necessities and much more 

some cute notebooks!!! 

getting a massage last night and feeling like i kind of deserved it? I mean I fell asleep. That tells you something about how tired you are, right? Plus, I played a Jonsi album during and it turned out to be an AWESOME idea.

Re-visiting pictures taken during Beardy's stay, including this one from my mom's phone.. Who's by the way super cute with how she's now down with the techie stuff cos of her Samsung S4 (SHE HAS INSTAGRAM!! I don't have instagram!)

My Weird Family.
it's my aunt's bday celebration today and some hilarious shit went down with the videoke machine as usual.
this was when it was still kid friendly, before it got crazy. i might post videos, though.

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