Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Point Of Hue (12.11.14)

life lately in pictures :)

 that day i made myself some midnight taters and lemonade
(btw did i mention how much i love honey mustard dressing with taters? i save the free packets from ready-to-eat salads in the grocery so i can use them with my potatoes.)

tiny tea sets and earrings

taking a picture of how long my hair was before i cut it for my graduation photo shoot (went past my butt)

graduation photo

lovely "tiramisu" chocolate from Hong Kong

i'm undergoing a red apple phase...must be all of that snow white and disney and once upon a time stuff.

things i do when i'm mad... (lol@"doubleyuW)

I really had to make it a point to take pictures of my best friends and me. My shutter senses are somehow off when I'm out and about in the city. Good thing I remembered before we went home! 

We ate subs on the grass near the Christmas tree displays across Starbucks. I don't think people did that and it became sort of a funny social experiment to see if the guards will ask us to leave. They ended up just pacing around looking unsure XD

As you can see, Carmen is wearing her work ID. And I visited the gallery that Aizel designed. I'm both envious of them and happy for them that they're already working in their fields! But envious in an inspired kinda way. But I feel pressured too. Won't be long now for me I guess. *fingers crossed*

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