Wednesday, November 14, 2012

how to: build your own home waxing kit

Even though my url, "thehowtofactory" is more of an inside joke than an actual descriptive url, i don't think it'll hurt if i actually make a couple of how-to's here and there. here's one i've been meaning to make for a while, but never really got to. how to build your own home waxing kit. i think i've posted an infographic before on how to make the wax itself, but for more in-depth instructions, here's the one i used:

Anyway, you basically gather the following:

  1. a jar for your sugar wax
  2. baby powder or any ol' plain body powder, you can use old person powder if you like
  3. some popsicle sticks (i used to have like, just one which i used over and over before i found out that it was called double-dipping and was gross.)
  4. waxing strips (i have both store-bought ones and cloth ones, although i don't always use them or the popsicle sticks because sugar wax can be used on its own with just your hands)
  5. an after-waxing soothing lotion. i use Mild Like Chamomile by Nancy Rose's Queen Bee, available at Watson's. a good alternative is to put some tea tree oil (and by some i mean very little, like a drop) in some gentle body lotion (non-fragranced is best since you don't want to irritate your pores)
  6. and optionally, a waxing salon price list to remind you of how much money you're saving:

disclaimer: i love LayBare though. really good service, really affordable.

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