Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's in my bag (12.11.13)


today will be a busy day (relatively, for a person comme moi)

and i decided to make a photopost of what my bag will contain just because

unfortunately, my camera obviously needed to be IN the shot (didn't realise this until i set it up LOL what a booboohead) hence the grainy, unpretty flip video photo.

i just liked how uniform-ish the colors looked like.

so basically, these are what you can see in this photo:
  • my little Paris metro bag/clutch to contain my touch-uppers, since i will be having a grad pictorial in the morning and don't want to wear the same makeup the whole day! inside are wet wipes, make up wipes, and some make up in case i wanted to wear some after cleaning up.
  • my printed thesis with revision notes from my adviser, a notebook and pen for note-taking. i will be meeting up with my adviser to discuss the revisions i have to make :) i have two/three months to revise so i'm not feeling so low about doing work that i'm not the best at, in fact i feel motivated :D
  • the whole box of macaroon lipbalms i got from Sasa in Hong Kong (see bigger image below). i might meet some of my friends who i wanted to gift them to. also the reason why i'm bringing Nikki (that's my camera's name.).. i really don't have enough pictures with my closest friends! especially lately. time to change that!
  • i'm also bringing my planner and a book in case ideas come while i'm on the road, and if not, to have something else to do. 

it's not necessarily complete, but the point that i feel like making is how nice it is that we can see what people are up to by lookin' at what's in their bags. i've seen a lot of people do this same sort of thing (with much better pictures that the one i took obviously) and i completely understand the appeal. it's partly vanity, partly basking in the delight that little things can bring, and partly freezing time, literally taking a picture of how you used to sort your things. only, for me, since i don't always go out, it's more of taking a picture of what i'm up to in a particular day.

what's in your bag?

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