Friday, February 24, 2012

Laidback Thursday v.1 (Tao of Pooh and undergraduate thesis stuff)

Hi! Yeah I'm saying hi now because I feel like I've earned the right to, (or at least it won't seem AS stupid anymore) since I'm only a little less than a hundred views away from a thousand. I'm still an unknown but, I think I've earned saying hi and pretending someone's reading this by now. B-)

So hi! Whoever you are, be you a personal friend who loves me so steadfastly that you'd actually check out mumblings I scatter around the web or a random passerby who's been Googling about Ricky Garduno after watching an episode of Family Guy... Hi to the five or maybe ten of you!

This week in retrospect has not been very great on my self-esteem (regarding my hopes for graduating this semester) but today actually felt a lot better and hopeful. After some days of serious down times of wishing I could just run away to a forest with lots of trees, no people and maybe a single beautiful waterfall, isolating myself from all of society to live in peace and untested stillness, and struggling bigtime to make my thesis film happen, today, I feel more in the process than ever before.

This is, hugely, thanks to the help of The Tao of Pooh.

I let my friend borrow it right after I borrowed it so I didn't have time to read it. She kept it for more than a year! Haha. But gave it back at the MOST. PERFECT. TIME.

Things work out that way.

And now I present to you my trailers and posters.

I've got a LOT of nerve posting these. I haven't even finished shooting! 

(The music in the trailer was made by spontaneously downloading Audacity and humming and "bumbum"-ing to my laptop's crappy mic over and over and over again. The posters were made with MS Paint.)

But yeah, what do you think?

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