Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blog Love v.1

Okay I know that I keep getting stuck with just volume one's of everything for now. I suck at routines. This time I'm not going to try and make this a weekly thing, We know how well that went the last time I tried...

But yeah, right now I just feel like sharing to you blogs I frequent a lot. All pictures are taken from their blogs, all linked up so feel free to click away and start loving them as much as I do <3

1)Tiny Tangerines

Kelly Anne is a twenty-something crafter mom. Her babies have the cutest names! I've been following her for a long time on tumblr now. I just love her, her style, her outlook on life, her ADORABLE family and creations :3 She makes the cutest hats, bows, headbands, and she always rocks adorable nail art (and fierce mermaid/fairy hair).

"You're obsessed with that woman!" 
- My boyfriend's actual words one day I showed him like, three separate pics from Kelly Anne's tumblr.. woops!

2)Delirious Rhapsody

Deanna also runs a mom blog (don't judge me) and she has two adorable little redheaded boys. She updates frequently which I love but also makes her blog a bit addicting! I love reading her posts cos she seems so honest and real, and although I'm not a mom, very relatable.

I love reading the reviews on this site. I don't really buy a lot of chocolate and I try to not eat so much either but I'm really a chocogirl at heart. The writers are really good and describe stuff in a way that makes me feel like I'm tasting them too. :> They also post recipes, which is special. I'm totally thankful for that.

At last.. Mah main squeeze! Haha, in all seriousness I think it's obvious that I get a lot of life fuel from this site. I love it to bits and often mention it. It provides a good mental-emotional sorting out for anyone who is looking for some. I highly recommend it.

I also want to add His Black Dress, which I only found today. 

In Michael Spookshow's own words, he's: 
"Just a spooky boy in a skirt who loves alt fashion. I'm here to sabotage social perceptions about what men should and shouldn't wear, and I'm doing it in a smokin' pair of heels, baby!"

I know some of you might think I'm only mentioning it for the shock value, but honestly, he's REALLY GOOD at this. I'm actually learning a bit about layering and stuff. I'm usually just a sneakers and shorts kinda girl. Looking at his clothes makes me feel like I can be a bit bolder, too. Maybe :p

And who doesn't love a little middle-finger-upping towards society? I think it is a bit queer that girls can wear men's clothes without having to be labelled gay while men can't do the same. I mean, I'm not under the illusion that crossdressing for both sexes should be the norm, but the few men that want to wear women's clothes should really be left to their own choices. 

It would be a pity to force jeans on those amazing legs. He wears heels better than I do.


  1. You are the sweetest! Thank you so much for this <3

    Following you! <3

  2. No, you are! :') You're very welcome hihihihihihihihihi *giddyness overload* <333 Thank you! omg