Monday, January 5, 2015

Best way I could have ended/started a year..

With Beardy of course!!!
Our first and only us-sie XD This thumb-face selfie thing keeps happening. XD I can't help it sometimes! This was his beard before I trimmed it - one of our many firsts!!!

But that's not all.. I spent it with his family too! One of his sisters, and both of his parents came over to spend time with us. It was unbelievably lovely.

This was our first Christmas and New Year (not to mention actual anniversary, too) together, so I'd say it was pretty special, but that would be a gross understatement. And I didn't even know it would happen when we parted this summer.

There are honestly no words to describe how wonderful it was. But I still want to mark the occasion on this space of mine in the internet, by posting pictures from E's papa's camera. I'm still waiting on more from Anne's camera (I'm very excited to see them!! I noticed they have awesome natural talent in capturing the right moments in pictures) so this likely won't be the last photo throwback I'm going to make for those wonderful few days.

On the 27th we had our Christmas family reunion, and it was a lot of fun! we all wore red, green or white and we played games.  Most importantly, we got to introduce E's family to my extended family, and it was really nice and fun. Here are more pictures:

People in red
People in green

Our beauuutiful moms and aunt
These two pictures are really amazing to me. I don't know who took it, or how they did it, but they really found a way to make the kids comfortable :)
This one really looks like she's waiting for snow XD Only, there's never any here of course!

Tito boyet butchering the poor piggy
Beardy butchering the poor Sansa haha

J'adore cette photo :> Beardy has told me how much closer he feels now to my mom and he likes it and she likes it and i love it :D This was when he was asked to make a speech for the Champagne, I think. (actual Champagne! I don't think we've ever had that in our family XD Just sparkling wine. Which is delicious too but still.)
Beardy and me participating in Christmas games in our respective Christmas hats! As you can see, Tito Leo, as per usual, cracks everyone up. Including adorable Beardy.
Beardy's first time participating in our family videoke sessions! I'm so happy about how festive he was that day. I didn't even tell him to wear that hat, he initiated it! (He brought it from work!)
After the Christmas reunion, I went with Beardy and his family (which I feel is part of my family now, too!) to a couple of getaways: one day we went to Intramuros and Rizal Park, and the following day we went to Matabunkay to spend two days at the beach!

I really like these pictures Papa Eric took of us in St.Augustine :)

I took this! :D My new-found familyyy ~
Dinner again at home :) I can really tell how much our parents like each other, they really spend all night talking together!

After snorkelling in Matabunkay :D so many fishies! I will really treasure this memory forever. It was perfect.
I'm so happy I still got to play with sand even if our time was short!

a couple of goofy waterbabies

Taal on our way back :D

New Year's Eve was also really nice and peaceful and happy ~ We hunted for fireworks and didn't really get to do a proper count down but kissed and hugged anyway :D
Me looking like I've had enough cake even though I'm only just starting to slice it!!!
I kinda like this picture, I look fat but I don't mind it, it looks happy to me (look at how tiny my baby Beardy looks with his cute smile) And I'm wearing earrings that Maman Noëlle gave me for Christmas :3
Walking through Paseo on the night, seeing if we want to spend the countdown in the party they had, but deciding to spend it with each other instead ~ we still had a mini dance party by ourselves though!

like dis.

It was the shortest stay Beardy has ever had with me but also somehow the most meaningful, with many many many firsts for us... I was able to have a Christmas exchange gift in his family's hotel room with them, seated all together and that's something he's always told me about and I'm so happy to have experienced it with them. There are so many more, on the last day of 2014 we even wrote down all of the firsts we had in a list... There's 17 things in there right now and I don't even think we remembered everything. I'm so happy with him, and now I've fallen in love with his family too. I always somehow knew I'd love them, but I was still taken off-guard. And I know my family was, too. :D

Anyway, I'm so happy everything happened even though it was too short and I now miss him terribly again, but I know we'll be together very soon later this year, and probably for good! So I'm not taking it too hard. :)


  1. What a wonderful holiday with your honey, Bea! I'm so happy for you and excited that you will be together permanently!

  2. Me too! Thank you, it was honestly the best xmas-new year's i can remember :) i hope everyone's doing good tita :D