Thursday, February 6, 2014

stars spiders salads

last night i was lying down on our living room floor bonding with sansa. at one point i was completely still, seized by the sight of the starry cloudless sky. i stared and stared, and noticed that what?? Are the stars moving?? I was convinced it was an illusion because as much as I know stars move in the sky throughout the night:

Wojciech Toman

...I didn't think it was observable through naked eyes! But apparently if you're still enough, it is. I made sure I wasn't just imagining it by using one corner of the window as sort of a finish line for one of the stars that was already near it anyway. It took a long time (I was getting so restless, even the slightest movement of my head would have ruined the experiment!), but the little guy made it, closing off the last millimeter and disappearing behind the railing.

In other news, I found a web so tiny and delicate in our living room and decided to remove it so the spider will be encouraged to make one somewhere else that is not in plain sight and dangerous when it comes back.. I checked to see if it hasn't already caught food and didn't see any so I thought it wasn't impolite.

But then when I had carefully done it the spot (that you can see in the photo below) started moving. I thought it was just dust or something. but it was the actual spider! I spooked the poor thing..


But that is SUPER TINY I had no idea it was a spider! I thought maybe that's just what webs look like :( Poor guy. That must've been his first web or something! No wonder they've stopped eating mosquitoes, leaving them alive and free to suck on our blood.

Lastly, I've been enjoying having honey at home because HONEY MUSTARD DRESSING!!!

my huge sweet lunch salad. that thing is huge.

I don't regret forgetting I know how to make it sometimes because whenever I remember that I do, the joy I feel is indescribable.

But where are my potatoes???

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