Thursday, February 6, 2014

ur a weaner i'm a weaner

the special re-appearance of breakfast tea has graced us this morning

I'm weaning myself off of coffee for a couple of days.
it just seems like it's not really working anymore, i think my threshold makes it so that a cup just helps me get by instead of making my more energetic. so i want to make my threshold lower by drinking tea for now.

I'm also weaning off of filling my stomach so much that my food disappears before i can even taste it and i'm left TOO FULL after every meal. i'm pretty sure it's not good for me. and i don't even enjoy it.

i just want to feel more energetic and light and balanced and in control and aware of my body. i mean right now i feel heavy and like jello because of yoga moosle pain but in the long term. yoga will make me feel lighter. baby steps.

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