Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Playing with myself

No, shh. I heard what I said. Don't even.

I just played a game of chess with myself.

On the palm of my hand. No seriously, this chess set is so adorable and tiny, I can play the game against myself on my hand. Here's another photo with an AA battery for size comparison:

While Beardy was here I really looked around for a tiny magnetic chess set and was so happy when we found one, only to realise nobody's going to play with me when he left.

I thought about doing this before, but I just thought it was impossible to play with myself. Until I tried it. And you know what? I enjoyed it! And I finished my first game!

The down side is that it's hard to make long-term schemes. Cos I have to sort of clear my head everytime I switch sides. Oh well. Better than just staring at the thing all sad cos it's so cute but I can't use it.

In case you were wondering who won, I did. Yay! (I wasn't kidding when I said I'd find any excuse to feel good about myself)

Me: Black won!
Him: Haha, congrats.
Him: And sorry for your defeat.

He gets it.

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