Monday, February 3, 2014


Hi there! I updated my sidebar and changed my url. My sidebar still thinks I'm 22 and I'm almost 24, so. As for the URL, the old one was really just something random I thought of and I felt like i needed something more personal and cohesive with my other platforms. so dar yu go.

I feel like time has stopped for me since 2009. Things just haven't been changing much. Or maybe that has something to do with how the social networking platforms I've been using since then haven't changed like they kept changin in years before that. Maybe in my head there's a pre-facebook and post-facebook partition that works as a yardstick for how fast time has been passing. 

Or maybe that's really just how real life is like after school.

Today I ate french toast and shared it with Sansa before giving her a bath. She likes her water warm and she has started to be more accustomed to the hair dryer. Dare I say she might actually even like it. I understand though because it keeps her warm. She does hide her face away from it though, which I think is cute.

I'm starting to draw again, but mostly I've been doing a lot of reflecting about my life.. and playing Big Farm.

random diary entry
My friend Mr.Danger
Yeah I somehow only like drawing faces of real people now. Might be a phase, or a start of something that's going to be my "thing", in any case, I need a LOT of practice. I actually think I'm getting worse haha. BUT I'm getting quicker. I think. I don't really measure, I just like feeling good about myself.

That's it for now, just trying to sort my life out. I wonder what's next for me.

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