Saturday, October 26, 2013

i have many feelings about japan

and they're like extremes of everything. ive never been, but i have lots of impressions about it~

japan seems so childlike playful and imaginative in a lot of ways

but it also can be really bigoted about some stuff and has a lot of double-standards about sex, family values, dating etc D: read Guardian article here if interested

it's a mix of REALLY OLD TRADITIONAL STUFF like everyone typically sees in films and restaurants and the like, and like really crazy sci-fi level futuristic stuff like ROBOSUSHI

it just seems like a wonderful, unpredictable, crazy, adorable parallel universe and they're super nifty about many things and super inventy but really fun about it, but at the same time it's super sad what they've been through lately and how the social pressures that they have put on themselves are getting in the way of human interaction in a huge, massive, population-annihilating scale! (see previous guardian article, and many other articles online if you look).. plus that awkward hand-washy stuff about the wars in the past that my boyfie has educated me about but i won't really get into that for this one . . . but through it all they still try to make things fun somehow

i feel sad about the problems ailing them and how their policies seem to work against them a lot, but i can only hope that they can thrive for some decades more! i hope they open their doors more to the world, maybe it can help them heal their wounds... i think their cultural integrity is strong enough to be sustained even if they do so :) and i wish to visit in a couple years :D i love the food, and i'd like a new adventure!

this has been a random post about a random country that i've never even been to and yet feel a kind of closeness to. no anime or cosplay involved.

*takes a bow*

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