Sunday, October 20, 2013


It's fantastic to feel that I'm still learning new things everyday. More than just practical knowledge and new skills, I'm happy that I keep learning about myself. I'm happy that being aware of what I'm doing wrong doesn't stop there: I'm also learning what to do instead.

I feel like I've grown up a lot in terms of being more direct, open, vulnerable, and connected with other humans. Some things are better learned on the spot, through experience instead of theory and imagination. In a huge way, having a real-actual-person job helps me a lot in learning these things. I feel like one of those dogs on Dog Whisperer, being thrown in a sea of balanced dogs in order to learn balance.

Of course the sea of humans I'm thrown into isn't a collection of  balanced ones like Cesar's pack, but because we're humans, them I'm able to carry my own weight in learning instead of completely relying on the energy around me. I'm able to pick, choose, analyse and take what I deem apt to emulate, based on my own judgments.

What I never saw coming was how important it was to feel connected in order to be a balanced human myself. But we are all animals after all, and it makes sense now.

I'm still learning about it, slowly and surely, but I feel like it may be the missing piece. I have a strong feeling about this one. It's all coming together now.

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