Friday, July 19, 2013

hello, blog.

life has been really great lately with him here
i  never get to update my blogs about it cos i’m too busy actually constantly having a life?
like i don’t know how other people do it.  i try to start a new post every now and then, but it just doesn't happen for me. i can't concentrate. i just want to koala-cling to him.
i’ve been to zoos with him, saw a bunch of cute animals, run away with him to stay in the city for a while, went to see a lot of films with him, met with my dearest friends and hung out all together, saw a lot of new places, started to know Metro Manila a lot better, went on a 11-day escape to the beach, took a LOT of pictures…
but somehow the urge to post photos or write about things happening in my life doesn’t really come naturally to me. i feel like just living in my skin is enough, being beside him, laughing with him, holding him, kissing his adorable face… i feel like it’s a lot, that it’s comfortable, that it’s what i want.. but at the same time i fear when this is all over, i might forget a lot of things.. life has been too wonderful, i don’t want to forget even one thing!
but maybe i won’t. i don’t know, let’s see how this pans out. maybe the pictures will be enough to remind me..

my old life will inevitably come like a slap in the face once he goes away again, anyway. i will have ample time to spend on the computer. maybe even to write down stuff about us that are still fresh enough to be recalled, to remind myself in the more distant future. on top of that, it will also be time to find a job. so yeah. i should just go with it and enjoy every second of my life, in its many forms.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Life (with Beardy) Update

Looking at my counter at the left hand side of my blog shows that beardy has been with me for more than a month now! It's been really really fun! But it's also been really really hard to be present in my blog at all. I tried to update while we were in Puerto Galera but even though we always had wifi it was not strong enough to upload a picture-heavy post.

So! Stuff:

protip: Foodtrip sa Galera has the best affordable waffles!

  • We have seen three movies in the cinema so far: Man of Steel, World War Z, and Despicable Me 2. (3 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars for me personally. 4 stars for Man of Steel if I let Henry Cavill's sexy canine teeth faze me but I'm trying to be professional here)... It's really nice cos it's a thing that we really wanted to do more this time around. Next on the list are Before Midnight and Monsters University.
  • Beardy is done with his tonkatsu phase! In puerto Galera, he ate a truckload of waffles, but he's over that too. Nowadays though, he eats up to 12 slices of white bread with strawberry jam! D:
  • Chikon acted weird when I came back and checked on him... He rarely went out of his shell! I offered some olive oil and was worried when I found him out of his shell one morning because I didn't have an extra shell he can transfer to! D:

..BUT when I took the shell to clean it in case he just found it dirty and uncomfortable, I SAW ANOTHER CRAB INSIDE! ...Turns out he just molted, and the Chikon outside the shell is just skin. Ew.

I left it there and he's been eating it. There's only one leg left now and he's not pink anymore. He gained back his black-white-grey color.

  • Beardy did this cute thing a few days after arriving: I was wondering why he was taking so long in the toilet then I found him writing stuff on my walls with my whiteboard marker:

He was putting french labels on everything XD It was too cute!

So there! I'll try to be better at this blog thing v.soon. I don't know what's happening with my camera though, it's doing this thingy:

I know it's a shutter thing, but other than that, I'm really clueless. Can anyone HALP MEH!?!?!?