Friday, March 29, 2013

like fire

these are the kinds of days where two showers are necessary
and sometimes not even enough

when you wonder if you've been eating more than your share
because you've bloated, and then you realise it's the heat
and that you're expanding

you're pieces of matter after all,
even though sometimes you forget

it's not pretty
to be in between two sizes

you've been here before
a nine year old
feeling sexless and free
only to come home to a mother telling you 
that you need to wear something under your shirt
because your breasts betray the youth 
that has been everything you knew

up to that point

and here you are again
wondering about the next shape you'll take

it's days like these where you try to escape your body
sleeping more often than usual
mind racing, impossible to pin down
to the one task you know you need to commit to
if you're ever to leave this phase

you're hot, molten metal
but your final form is still
peaceful, purposeful
solid enough to permeate 
and to leave a mark.

the sun is testing you
and there is no way out of the heat
for now
to be enlightened, is to be lit
bright enough
to see through the shadow of the discomfort
emanating from the same source

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