Wednesday, March 27, 2013

could it be??? (a day-in-a-life liveblog of a day of potential)


I'm about to have a normal, productive day after so long?

It's seven-thirty folks, and I've been awake for three and a half hours.

I've jotted down some notes, ate (AND COOKED) breakfast, fed the dog, had coffee and tea and have entertained myself with some youtube.

Look at my sexy suggestive breakfast:

dat face tho

(Three hours, a few more youtube videos, a "bit" of Tumblr, an actual bit of note-taking and a lot of puppy cuddling later:)

i found a marker and marked my skin, starting with the crown's bigger gem and got carried away much like Ice King's very own lack of struggle against his slow descent to dementia, letting too much time pass again without making much value from it

have i gone too far

yes i believe that i have gone too far


snacktime, or maybe just plainly, my second meal of the day, and my mug expressing my sadness because beardy finally went to sleep.

a bunch of dandelion furballs dancing in the air after brushing my dog's fur a bit.. dogs are a wonderful addition to a family and everyone's voices turn musical, their disposition happy and light whenever the dog is in their presence, greeting them with overflowing cuteness, tails wagging in the air, never attempting to stifle excitement over seeing their favorite human.. and at this age of three months everyone is Sansa's favorite human. furry/beardy adorable pups and boys are time vacuums. i must resist.

setting an intention to make noon time count. but a dip in energy approaches. will i make it without being lulled into half-asleep automatic procrastination? (or napping)

maybe exercise will help?

tip: don't touch your face after drawing a penguin on the palm-side of your thumb.

i cooked this days ago. i'm kinda proud of it

few pages read, lunch, exercise (kinda), yeah.


doodled, notes, made coffee to stay awake, took a nap. Whoops.


"Sansaah!" *sits*

woke up, ate pizza, cookie, and the coffee that has already become cold. more puppy lovin.


End note: I didn't get to do as much as I'd have liked, but the night is long and the fight isn't over! And it's still a lot more than I've been doing lately. Will attempt to sleep "early" tonight and to wake up early tomorrow to have another go at normalcy.


  1. That penguin kinda looks like me when Im wearin shades.

    O.O why u doodlin with markers @.@

    1. dats gunter! he's the ice king's but i already drew ice king too big

      haha are you seriously asking, i mean, what's new XD