Wednesday, January 9, 2013

planning meals and monthly resolutions

sorry i missed a day and that the updates i do manage are boring. it's dawn and i've just backed a bunch of my files up onto my external hard drive. this whole thing with my pc dying really threw me off (almost literally dying. slowly losing its functions and running on life support which is at the moment two fans i've just stopped using headphones because the fact that i can only operate on safe mode removes the need for me to remedy its cracked audio).

however, i think that it's actually helping me in the grander scheme of things like family life and resolutions.

i had so many posts thought up but i couldn't poo them out because i'm very easily distracted and like i said, the thrown off thing. that + too much sensory stimulation caused by a lot of home improvements, crafts, and thinking  up of life changes i want to make for the year = one very scatterbrained blogger. however i am in some level convinced that it's possible to revert the magnifying-glass power of excitement from escaping from a task to escaping INTO the task. i've done it before. it's just too easy to do the former and very easy to switch back into it. a high level of vigilance is required for me to really engage my mind into things. however, lately, i am able to battle higher levels of resistance with much more ease so i guess in a way i'm improving.

....yes i'm compensating not being able to upload anything with sorta-relevant google images.

a couple of updates:

  • we now have two helpers! my mom's boss very suddenly had them sent over. i know i said something about us taking after the home ourselves, but that's quickly turning into me not having time for much else in my life at this critical stage, so it's fine. i made a point to be very warm and friendly to them so we're all comfortable, and they feel okay with asking me stuff so the house runs smoothly. i'm still mostly in charge of orienting them and planning the food and generally still kind of looking after stuff (at least during hours where i'm awake~ sadly, i've reverted to my natural night owl pattern, but i'll fix that before monday) but it's really nice to be able to focus a bit more on personal tasks! the higher level of activity that i've acquired that has just recently been unneeded for housework has spilled over to be used on me-stuff. perfect timing because i'm at that stage of getting out of school and starting to find my calling and all.
  • I made resolutions and I wanted to share them to you:

Following the Happiness Project method, I created some themed-per-month resolutions. Only, instead of aiming at happiness, I aimed for general change for the better. The goal here is to simply be my ideal self (happiness included too of course).

I merged this method with the resolutions method that I used from Think Simple Now which I've mentioned in a couple of past posts. The result is a bunch of daily resolutions oriented towards monthly themes guided by a self-diagnosis of what to improve on.

For this month, the theme is to jumpstart the year. Here's the portion from my text file:

Theme: Get on track (high yield action plan to jumpstart the year)

·        Meditate (on goals, feeling good, connectedness, creativity, confidence)
o   Why: mindset is everything
o   Category: everything
·        Work on thesis
o   Why: it’s life’s next step
o   Category: financial stability, lifestyle, connections
·        Do something creative
o   Why: to get in touch with myself
o   Category: art and creativity, health and wellness, inspiration

Book to finish: the happiness project

the three bulleted items are my daily resolutions. They generally are tangible steps that can lead to the theme for the month. I have a small planner that I'm using as both my resolutions tracker and sort of a journal. In The Happiness Project, Gretchen speaks of keeping a one-sentence journal, where you are to write the one happiest moment of the day. I'm thinking of incorporating that into my small planner because the space for each day is very conducive to this task.

As you can see, and with every monthly theme, I have a "book to finish". this is because I want to read about ten books this year. This makes sure that I do. This year I wanted to:

  • read more books
  • see more films
  • eat more veggily
I tried to match the books with the monthly themes, and serendipitously, the two books that I've left unfinished from the past year ( The Happiness Project and Subtle Knife) match the themes for January and February,  and in the appropriate length too: The Happiness Project is nearly finished and I'm just past half-way with Subtle Knife. This allows me to adjust slowly, practicing reading faster in the span of three months.

So far, the resolution that's hardest to do every day is of course to focus on my thesis, while the easiest is to do something creative every day. Today I almost didn't make it, because I decided that today will be the day that I do my first challenging origami (I bought some for this specific purpose) and ended up being very intimidated before I even started.


Luckily, i came up with an idea. Since I had to do a meal plan anyway (actually a reason why the thought of doing confusing, time consuming paper magic didn't seem so wise) I decided to creatively allow myself to stick with that topic and drew some drafts of a layout for a meal/recipe planner notebook thingy that I thought up. so there! I at least crossed off one item off the list.

There. A big long one. With pictures. *pats self on the back* Pretty good for blogging in Safe Mode.

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