Saturday, January 5, 2013

using kitchen supplies as shampoo!

today is the first time for me to try using baking soda as a shampoo. this little thingy popped up on my tumblr dash and i found the whole concept convincing:

I wanted to start but found too many ingredients too confusing and tricky compared to just pumping some shampoo out of my huge bottle of Head&Shoulders. I wanted to feel like it was worth the effort so I tried one with the least effort needed. This link claims that just baking soda is enough, so did one of the persons in the commentary attached to the infographic, so I just used the empty frappucino bottle my older brother gave me (they all know my love for jars and bottles) because it had a big opening, put some baking soda in with some water, shook it, and dun did it.

I also took the very little EVOO left in the opened bottle in our kitchen and left it in my bathroom (we have a full one! don look at me like that) to use when my hair feels dry.

I don't really know how often I should use them, though. I hate when my head smells like scalp oil. But I also read that oil overproduction could kinda be caused by storebought shampoos, so maybe using natural stuff might alleviate that smell in the long run. we'll see!

So far my hair feels nice and clean but not stripped or dry. But I can't speak for everyone especially people with lightened hair because my hair is mostly virgin.

I really really want to try the one with the coconut milk! I want my coconut to smell like a coconut. Let's hope I find some coconut milk in the grocery.

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