Friday, January 4, 2013

it is SO weird that it's only nine thirty right now.

i woke up so late and yet it's not as late as i thought it was???


watching My Blueberry Nights

I didn't actually know it was a Wong Kar Wai film before I started watching. That being said I'm pretty pleased it is because it's a very pleasant film experience so far tbh. Especially with the wine in my system.

That's right, I'm still in the holiday spirit! And I had a third of a bottle of wine. It's not in best condition anymore, it's like, brown and murky. But I somehow really like the taste? I guess I'm no wine connoisseur.

I've sorted out the habits i want to develop for the first three months of the year, a la The Happiness Project. I've set the theme for April but I haven't sorted the "resolutions" yet. I'm using spare pages from my 2012 minidiary for the meantime, as i haven't assigned a resolution checklist notebook yet.

I've been having fun, and I'm doing a good job at actively causing it, and that really feels good.

I have high hopes for this year, and I'm not scared because I see myself actively trying to be better. And it's not in a way that feels so detached from who I really am if that makes sense. I'm on my period and skipping showers. Same old same old just more fabulous.

It's ten pm now, by the way. ignore that.

what, my internet failed and i was replacing pictures. anyway, have a nice day/night/whatever!

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