Wednesday, January 9, 2013

big birds with small stones

I love the idea of micro efforts that yield HUGE results.

some of my examples:

  • buying little Christmas gifts ALL YEAR instead of last minute (or month) makes Christmas a lot less stressful
  • buying and eating healthier food (as opposed to avoiding all bad food)makes a little less room for bad food in your life
  • choosing a specific day of the week to do laundry makes home life less chaotic
  • cleaning one little area of your room at a time, or just a few things at a time instead of all at once: 1) takes a shorter time and requires less courage so you won't stall so much 2) helps you habitualise the act of fixing and cleaning, so that it never gets to a bad point again.

I'm the sort of person that paces around to gather courage between thinking up a great idea and actually doing it. Improving my life in effective, bite-sized pieces instead of trying to swallow a huge chunk of change relieves me from having to deal with this torment.

Lately I've been eating more fruits/fruitshakes (with no added sweetener!) and switched to Diabetasol when I want my tea/coffee to be sweet. But generally I just take black coffee cos I want to be weaned off overly salty/sweet stuff. This has made me feel fuller during the day, and more energetic too!

I'm trying to remember to stretch often, too (it's hard to remember to do it every day though. but i'll try)

Tomorrow mom and I are going to start doing yoga every thursday and tuesday. i guess that's a small effort high yield thing too! I'm really excited because I miss yoga.

so there! i'm really feeling my age lately. what with getting really excited for MediCard because I love the idea of free check ups, and losing my desire for the fast life. i just want to live every day nicely, to progress slowly, to find joy in the small things. I really changed and I really like it.

Little by little, one day at a time, i'll make thousands with nickels and millions with dimes! (nice. i rhymed.)


  1. I can attest to the laundry idea as being so helpful. I used to do it whenever and felt like I was doing it all the time! One problem I still have though is folding all the laundry. At the end of the day, I'll have a huge pile of clean, but wrinkly clothes! ACK!

    The Christmas gift buying is a great idea too! I only did it once, but it was a stress-free year! I resorted to making a spreadsheet on what I've already bought because my memory is not up to speed with my goals of organization.

    I love your planning Bea! You're off to a great life!

    1. i feel you on the memory things. i have lots of ideas about being more organized and reaching goals and stuff but its like my mind autoresets! i always have to be tricking myself into doing things XD