Friday, January 11, 2013

"everything's cute i wish i was as cute as everything"


yoga was great, man, i love how it feels afterwards. i'm going back on thursday. love my mom to bringing me to that place. sierra is great and she moved house, still renting but the place looks so great and the yoga area is so cute with so many buddhas and little elephants and it just really feels very yoga and it's much better than the other place cos wind from the outside comes in and the weather was really nice today

after yoga i made a recovery shake for mom and me with frozen pear, banana, frozen grapes, psyllium husk, carrot, water and milk. it was nice.

food is also great. i just love to eat. i love to cook. i love getting better at it. 

emmy is also great. i really miss him and i just want to rent little living spaces with him and decorate them and just ahh.

i had a great session and my body feels like jello and achy in a nice way. :)

i hope everyone's had a nice day as well !

this is such a scatterbrain post. i know, i'll make more of an effort eventually. i just.. yoga.

i think im going to sleep here downstairs. my yoga clothes are comfy, it's nice and cool, and it will help me wake up earlier because the house is alive early. (i'll probably go upstairs to fall back asleep.)


  1. It's great to just let your thoughts out!
    I loved yoga when I was doing it. I really liked how it helped me look inward (figuratively) at myself, my thoughts, and my body (or rather my awareness of my body). Which yoga style did you do?

    1. it was ashtanga yoga! i started three years ago, but stopped after a couple of classes. i just go with mama so when she stops, i stop XD it was really nice to get goin again although it hurt afterwards pretty bad! hahaha