Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Editing Can Do

picture one:
picture two: (not the best of the bunch i did with s'mores, but if you stick around i'll give you pics of s'more s'mores. Heh. S'more s'mores.)
edited version:

What to take out of this:

Food looks better with good lighting, dimension and contrast. And it has to occupy a lot of the frame, so it can be the main focus. If you can't accomplish taking a decent picture, you can go a long way by zooming and brightening. 

Now, for the food porn:

These are obviously not perfect, but I'll keep practicing! :3 It's fun combining two passions into one.


  1. Photoshop is wonderful! And so are your subjects. :)

    1. i'm using a litol thing called Photoscape! it's free to download and a tad more intuitive than photoshop, although you can't do as much! i want to eventually learn photoshop too! kuya nikko is awesome at it.