Thursday, November 8, 2012

Taking "acting naturally" seriously

...sounds like an oxymoron no? But I'm slowly learning that it often pays to push yourself to do what's natural to you, just because no matter what we are genuinely interested in, (we being lazy, detached people like me) our mindless, default habits simply have the ability to win us over very easily.

I see it in myself all the time. For example, I have so many passions in life: food, comedy, writing, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, travel, animals, music, art... But how many of those things do I really get to do everyday, or at least regularly? A very small percent. Why? Could it be that I'm not actually at all that passionate about them? I considered this once, and decided to "take it easy" and to do what's natural. I ended up sitting on my butt and procrastinating for years.

What's natural isn't always what's the easiest, although it's always easier than what isn't natural.

Inaction can very easily look like you're only doing what's natural, and that's scary. It's like a raisin cookie disguising itself as a chocolate chip cookie. But once you see the difference between being in your element and taking action, and just going by whim and, say, watching TV all day and not producing anything worthwhile because it feels natural, then it will be easier to catch yourself and to familiarize yourself with the feeling of creatively being in your element, so that you can follow that feeling again and again.

I'm beginning to think that once you do it enough, then you won't have to push everyday. It will feel like second nature, life Finn over here. He's just always ready for adventure. He takes foolin' around and punchin' buns seriously, like it's his job. Because he's habitualized it, he feels antsy when he just sits around. And that thought is very comforting to me. Gives me hope, man.


  1. Acting Naturally for me is also just sitting around watching TV - and maybe with some reading added in. THen I realized I didn't feel "alive!"

    You're right, once you keep doing things - even things that aren't the most exciting, it'll feel like second nature.

    1. I used to like constructing stuff and drawing stuff from paper when I was young.. that was "fun" for me. now that im a bit older, it seems like so much work! dont know if it's cos im lazier or because i pick up after my own mess now. maybe it's both.