Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lone Lemonading

  1. Take a half-squeezed lemon half from the fridge
  2. pull the insides from the skin with your finger holding it above an opened blender, removing seeds along the way
  3. Squeeze out whatever juice you can into the blender before popping the whole thing in
  4. dissolve a packet of stevia with a bit of hot water
  5. pour water enough for one person into the blender 
  6. blend
  7. put some ice in a glass
  8. sift the lemon water into the glass
  9. pour stevia water in 
  10. add honey to taste
and you got a mean glass of lemonade.

optional: mint syrup.

PS I mistakenly added the stevia water into the blender so some of it probably got caught in the pulp. So I added honey. Just a little though, I actually don't like my lemonade very sweet. Just enough to take the edge off the sourness.

And I made avocado-bean quesadillas for brunch! ate it with salsa :3 left half over. For Jaro. Or for myself if I ever decide I want it again. I'm settling for my herbed potatoes for now. Which is a funny way to say it considering it's like my favorite food in the world.

The end.

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