Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Awake!

We're closing in towards the last month of the first half of the year and I'm feeling a bit underaccomplished.

Just a bit though. I've been cooking a lot, have applied for passport, and fixed my room alright.

But it's like I've ignored that I still have to finish my school stuff and do work. I still haven't gotten my hands dirty with the planner. Or my paper. Or my documentary.

But today I feel like I woke up. Mentally. It happened when my brother made me realise it's already friday tomorrow. Or maybe it was just the delicious mug of coffee I made. Seasoned with nutmeg. Ah.

And oh, it's also JUNE.

Jesus Christ.

Anyway, I made Green Lemon Iced Tea from scratch! After making a lot of kimbap for dinner.

it's mint green tea, some juice from a lemon, and honey. and water. yea. basically if you put green tea and lemonade together, you get lemon iced tea.

PS: i mean, if you pop it in the freezer.
i wait till the outer stuff are frozen. then i crack it with a spoon and let the ice float.
better than watering it down with actual ice i think

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