Friday, June 1, 2012

Freshman -15

Yup, freshman NEGATIVE fifteen.

i regret not having a copy of this photo but it was my lowest weight.

I lost 17 pounds during my first year of college. I lived in a dorm, was usually walking to my classes instead of riding jeeps (buildings are so far away from each other) and not very friendly. I rarely went out to eat. I only ate the three meals served in the dining hall and usually missed breakfast 'cause I like sleeping in. I wasn't very excited about the whole college thing. I felt like nobody was worth much of my time. Don't worry if this sounds really bitchy to you. I suffered the consequences alright. But at the same time I'm not sure I mind, because although I degenerated socially, I do believe I grew a lot inside. And usually I was just resisting the "suck up" culture. Social climbing makes my skin crawl. I'm not ashamed of that.

My brother is losing his appetite. Not in a scary unhealthy way, he's just eating like a normal healthy person now whereas he usually eats more like a grizzlybear; not as much as my older brothers, though.

I was like Hah! Maybe you're more like me! I lost my appetite during my first year. It came back in the third year though. I said as I patted my belly.

But he seems more excited than I am. I was very reluctant to go to college. Jaro is passive, but he rarely resists the flow. Maybe he'll do better than I did. At least I hope so.

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