Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Desiring Candidly

  • to be a voice actor
    • for cartoons
  • to be a screenwriter
    • for cartoons
    • and films
  • a spiritual musical experience - with friends
    • a tapping band, like a totally chill, play whatever's handy or around kind of jamming, low prep, high-spirit music making
  • a smaller stomach
  • fake polaroids of my friends
    • edit, print, stick to a white polaroidish frame, laminate
  • a scrapbook of the summer
    • for emmy and me, with pictures and the cutout from the B.B. catalogue 
  • an awesome blog
    • jam packed and organized and always active
  • making stuff and seeing what people like and making more of whatever those are
  • a great kitchen where i'll make AWESOME FOOD
    • oven
    • huge counter with a sink and a disposal bin that's easy to clean
    • excellent knives
    • an herb garden at the windowsill
  • a grey fat cat and a tabby fat cat <3

By the power invested in me by time and lemonade I will put these in my plans and in my schedule.

Or at least dream about them a lot.

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