Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things that make me smile: Boxes and paper bags.

Little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky..

Lately our whole city (and a few more around it) has switched to boxes and paperbags from plastic bags.

And although I very much prefer plastic to line my garbage bin (especially for wet things) I can't help but smile when I think of the bigger picture.

When my family stopped over for groceries before going to a private pool house, I found myself staring at the bagger as he puts all of our purchases in boxes and ties them up. 

I stared at the aisles not too far away behind the cashiers now that I'm on the other side and came to my mom, with a smile on my face, noting that by using boxes to send the products out, they are creating no waste at all. No need to produce new containers, no need to throw out the boxes that the stocks came in with. She agreed, clearly very enthusiastic as I am about the change.

In boxes they come, in boxes they go.

Why havent we thought of this before???

Now, still in the process of cleaning my room (don't judge me) I'm using the very same boxes we got from the grocery store yesterday to sort my stuff out. And to think that only months before, I was seriously thinking of buying boxes. BRAND NEW BOXES. What a waste that would have been! Luckily I put off organizing till now. 

happily put a bag over your head 
you are helping the enviroment you ugly f*cker.
and no one can take that away from you.

Right now my A/C is on and I admit that that's not very earth-friendly at all. The heat really gets to me and I need to get shit done! But I assure you that the thermostat is always kept on the econo zone and I otherwise (when I don't have to be in my room and I don't have to be doing something) brave the heat (and eventually hybernate and wake up with a headache) or just stay downstairs.

me when it's too hot
The point is, guys and girls, that we don't have to be perfect. It's the belief that half-assing is hypocritical that leaves some of us to just say "fuck it" and not do ANYTHING AT ALL instead of doing little somethings we could have done if eco-nazis werent guilt-tripping people over it.

ENCOURAGE the good that is made. It's a natural tendency of most people, when faced with people doing something right for once, to go "YEAH YOU DID THAT BUT YOU DID THIS WRONG AND THIS IS WHAT'S IMPORTANT"... What that does is to make people give up. People need approval. It's only natural. We need to be patted on the back for doing something good. Even if it's not everything.

Ask for the bad stuff to be rectified but please don't spit on the little stuff that's actually good just because it's not ALL good. When you ignore the little good things, people feel rejected. Then they start acting exactly like you don't want them to. Because you've made them believe that that's who they are.


Thank you for all of the smokers that try to blow their smoke the other way when smoking around people.
Thank you for everyone who recycles, reuses, and refuses shopping bags, even if it's just once. (But do continue)

And thank you, my dear homeland, for making this awesome switch!

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