Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shows I Currently Love

I'm going to skip trying to make a coherent intro and get straight to the point. These are series that have their very own special bookmark folder in my browser for their Wiki "list of episode" pages. As a bum, these series make up a huge chunk of my life right now.


I've been watching this show since 2007-ish but it wasn't 'till a bit later when I started to have this weird obsessive need to see every.single.episode.there'd been. As much as I'm sad about The Simpsons not exactly making me laugh anymore (my faded Marge towel hangs sad and wilted every time I take the laptop into the bathroom while I shower just to rewatch Family Guy episodes for no reason other than to have "company".) I feel no remorse over my loyalty to Family Guy. I've seen every episode and continue to rewatch whole seasons whenever I feel like it. Seth MacFarlane is some sort of personal hero to me. He joins everything successfully. He does not scan between interests, he uses all of them together. He voices, sings, drew, and produces his own show. How fucking cool is he. And he's a pretty fucking good singer as well. andcoughhe'scoughkindacoughsexy

I don't think I really need to describe Family Guy. Everyone knows Family Guy. It's like Simpsons. But on acid.


This is one of those shows that nobody's even heard of where I'm from. I can't ask people "Do you watch Archer?" Rather, I have to ask "Do you know the show called Archer?" then I inevitably have to just show them. There's no explaining when it comes to Archer. But okay, I'll try. 

Pop-art style detective animation, set who-knows-when. Hilarious, dark, with many inside jokes, all of them so wrong but also so, so, right.

My boyfriend and I find ourselves quoting Archer in real life conversation from time to time. I think when you've watched it long enough there's just no way not to. Themes and jokes reoccur a lot in this show and you have to admire them for having the balls to even do that. It can get overdone and it can chafe you a little but hahaha. Chafing. That's got to be intended. Chafing is so Archer. Plus, the characters are messed up. People usually love to watch shit like that. You can deny liking them but you'll have to admit you can't look away.


Sure, the dysfunctional family theme has been used many times, but it takes real skill to actually make a bunch of characters that are supposedly related bounce off each other as effectively as this show does. It's like a great big idea that got translated into the little details very successfully and I think that is an awesome feat. To those of you who don't watch it, basically, the guy in the top panel is the family's patriarch (Jay) and his wife (Gloria) is a divorcee like him. The kid (Manny) is her son from her previous marriage with Benjamin Bratt's character Javier. In the second panel is Jay's daugter Claire's Family, and the third panel is his son Mitchell's family. Basically you have a May-December, interracial relationship with a step-parent dynamic, a teenage pregnancy that's fully blossomed into a house of three kids and a couple that actually made it work, and a gay couple with an adopted baby from a different race. It's a whacked-up situation when you look at it like that, but they actually make it work and the family has the charisma of any old TV family. The exchanges are hilarious and seem genuine, the characters are colorful in every sense of the word, and most of all, it promotes very good values. First of all, it obviously promotes equality for every kind of family out there, but when all of that is said and done and you just see them all as regular folks, (this show does a good job at making you do that fast) most importantly, the show promotes love. Even with all the weirdness and clashing, the Pritchett family always decides to stick together. They always choose forgiveness, acceptance, and choosing the best for each other.


This one's relatively new of course, being only in its first season. So far, it can be done a lot better, but personally, the show grew on me so I'll keep watching. I loved the first episode, then worried a little about the few succeeding ones, but eventually it picked up and I enjoyed watching it again. Maybe it's because I've started feeling attached to the characters, or because the show lived up to the obscure type of comedy that got a bit worrying at the start. Why? Well, it didn't feel very organic. At times it felt forced. When Coach's character was still on the show, it kinda worked. Winston's character didn't really do it for me at the start. It felt kinda racist to be honest. Just because Winston's black, we can all pretend Coach didn't happen? They're not the same person you know. They're not even the same personality. But maybe that's the thing I was looking for. When in the 19th episode Winston exploded into telling everyone what to do I was gasping for air. The way he said "Sit downnnn" was so unexpected and hilarious. But also kind of... very Coach. I guess I felt that Winston was too restrained at the start and now that he's becoming as crazy as his roommates I'm starting to like him more and more. I mean if you're gonna make characters that say stuff that people just.can't.say, might as well go balls out, right? Get that disbelief suspended. Keep the balloon off the ground. Anyone of you know that game? I loved that game as a kid.


Don't you love how being reminded that you'll die one day makes you live better? No? Too dark? Well, in some strange way I actually do. In the Big C, Laura Linney's character Cathy takes on an adventure that starts when her life becomes threatened to end. She has stage 4 Melanoma. What I always found amazing is how they've stretched the story out to two seasons and counting. You'd (well I did for sure) expect it to end soon because duh, she has cancer, and making her live would feel like a cop-out.. But so far, she's thriving and it doesn't feel like a cop-out to me. She really is struggling. Even though she seems to have it so much better than most people who do have cancer. My dad for one thing, only lived for 2 months since finding out he had stage 4 lung cancer.

But yeah, I think the characters are lovable in some way, and Cathy inspires me. When I watch it I always feel like, She's in her 40's, has cancer, and she still does all of these things.. I'm 21 and fully able-bodied. What's stopping me?


This is what I'm currently watching. It actually just stopped airing, and from the last that I've seen of it I guess it struggled to keep the ball rolling and the end was timely. I mean, there's probably not that much to say about a transitional stage when it only lasts for two/three years. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Life Unexpected is about Lux, a teenager out of foster care who looked for her birthparents to acquire emancipation only to end up being ruled to live under their custody. Her mom got pregnant at 16 at winter formal, gave her up, and now she's a radio DJ. Apparently, the very DJ that she listens to every morning. Anyway, at 32, her birth parents are practically teenagers themselves, still trying to grow up and dealing with their issues. But they instantly commit to parenting her after meeting her. So yeah. They really only have two years before she turns 18 when the show starts. But, you know, there's a LOT of ways you can stretch that premise out. I guess they just didn't have enough viewers. Also from what I saw when I caught the last episode on TV (which ultimately lead to me downloading all two seasons just for closure) I guess it got kinda weepy? Not sure, I'll have to see for myself, but Baze had a scene with this blonde girl and he was being all Mr.Drama and it kinda gave me the creeps even though I find him cute. Hahahaha. I'll have to see for myself. I really like the vibe of the show so I'm hoping I won't mind that much.

Trivia: The lead actor Britt Robertson was born on the exact date I was. But she makes a convincing 15 year old.


This show is epic to say the least and it's just... SO WELL MADE. Story-wise, the relations are so intricate that sometimes you're not sure which side you're on or if you have a side at all. Personally I'm annoyed by the Lannister twins but I can't rule out the house because I love Tyrion. I love Daenerys Targaryen but I can't really say I want her to rule all seven kingdoms. I guess I'm still particular to House Stark. But really, after Eddard got beheaded, I don't know anymore. Robb seems promising lately but we'll just have to see. You'll never really know with this show.

When Eddard got beheaded it was one of the worst fiction-caused heartaches of my life. Or maybe the only one as I usually get over stuff in a day. I think I had a real mourning period for him. But after a while and due to some guidance from my boyfriend I saw the light and saw where he went wrong. And maybe even gained some respect for twincestial Cersei. But I still felt like I've been orphaned at some level. Don't judge me.

I love how the characters seem to grow, especially the younger ones. And of course I appreciate the creation of a fictional universe very very much. It tickles my insides and makes me feel all tingly inside.

I still have yet to read the books, though. But with all the stuff I watch (and rewatch) we can only guess as to when that will happen.

What about you? What shows are you currently loving and why?

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