Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home "cooking"

I made my own pudding milk tea today. Yep, I cooked milk with some gelatin powder, let that set, and afterwards took the tea I brewed last night that has been chilling in the fridge out, put some sugar water, milk, and ice in it and BAM. Instant moonleaf.

Sure it doesn't taste exactly the same (the jelly was a bit too firm, too milky, and not vanilla-y enough) but it hits the spot for sure!

I like being at home satiating my cravings by MAKING food instead of buying it. From many weeks of eating fastfood at least once a week in college, it's a very welcome change. I'm lucky to have a mom who lets me choose the food I want to eat, even though it's her that pays for groceries (and everything else really)... I really enjoy grocery shopping with her, it gives us a chance to talk about food and plans etc. I have her full support on the eating healthier thing. So I can take liberties in menu building. Exciting! I hope I live up to the challenge, and eventually help make my whole family eat healthier. The challenge is that my brothers are great carbi-carnivores. They can't exactly just eat oatmeal every morning. They don't see a salad, or oatmeal, or cereal as a meal. It's just something you eat with your meal. So I will have to find really wholesome, filling, but healthy recipes and make it with our helper. Then she'll learn it and make it more regularly. :) OR maybe I'm underestimating them. Maybe they can learn, I don't know, we shall have to see! I'm pretty sure everyone has the need and desire in them to be healthy.

I also made coffee jelly today, something she said she's always thought of making for when we have guests but keep on forgetting. I hope I remember. It's such a simple but satisfying dessert. Unless of course you find the whole concept of coffee in jelly form strange. (A lot of people do. Apparently it's an asian food.)

And I made tuna and chicken wraps, after mixing up tartar sauce first. I found a recipe. Apparently it'll taste better if you let it set but WOOPS i already ate it before it could. Made five more though. I wonder if it will also do the setting magic even if its already in the salad wrap.

I mean, my room is still a mess but I'm pretty pleased with myself.

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