Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Lists: Think less of them, and see the manifestations grow. Like a riot, like a riot, oh!
(Plus points if you smirked at that)

The new year has clocked in and everyone's talking about resolutions, or not having them. I've jotted down quite a few things myself, but they're motivators, not resolutions. Everyday I will try to be better. It's not just something for new year's!

Things to be excited about for 2012:

  1. Graduating! Even if some complications turn up for my March graduation, I can still get my diploma on September / October because I've already taken all of my subjects! So whatever happens, this is the year I become done with school :)
  2. My boyfriend visiting me for the first time!.. Yeah, yeah, say what you want about "internet" relationships but we're making it work so far, we treat each other better than most couples I know, and we've been together for more than a year now! Also he's spending his birthday here awww <3
  3. Travelling the around the country with him! We're going around to see stuff, most of which even I haven't seen yet so it will be new to both of us! Newer to him than me though, obviously :p
  4. Losing weight. Nope I'm not dismayed by the idea of exercise and eating "less" (I prefer to call it eating "better") It's just that I realized that I'm ending everything in exclamation marks and I'm starting to annoy myself!

  5. Being able to choose what to do with my time. This way, I can:
    1. Set aside time for things like : meditation, reading, creative time (sewing, crafting, singing, writing, practicing guitar and keyboard), "home office" hours (in which I attempt and succeed, even if in small dosages only, to start generating income), and exercise.
    2. Regularly pick up after myself, clean my room, do chores, cook food, all the good domestic stuff. Trainin to be a work-from-home kinda person hahaha. It's the new thing isn't it?
    3. Go out and explore new possibilities. It will be nice to not be chained to a primary priority you definitely cannot say no to, even if I eventually find myself in some desk job.. I want to treat life like an adventure and go see places and meet people with similar interests.
    4. Monitor my family's diet. It would be nice to be able to contribute positively to my whole family's overall health. My mother, who is the only other person in the family interested in being healthy, simply cannot fit it in her schedule to really sit down and make recipes for every day! Busy woman. So I want to be the nutrition guy. hahah. Maybe eventually we'll all start doing physical activities together like walking outside, or walking the dogs, which brings me to the next one:
    5. Take care of Seeker. We have three dogs in the house, and Seeker is somehow the one who's "mine." He's the last descendant of our great motherdog Swatch; her great-grandson. I named him after Harry Potter's quidditch position when the first movie came out. I don't know why I didn't name him Snitch instead because he's golden and it sounds more doglike, but I don't regret it much because I like what the name Seeker implies :) I think I'm a natural Seeker in life and I'm getting sidetracked here. As I was saying before I got rudely interrupted by my flashbacks and musings, I want to be able to give him baths and walk him. My older brother is a bit hard-headed about taking care of his adorable dog Mozart, and although we tell him all the time, I think nothing is better than walking the walk instead. (Thank you Modern Family for this lesson.)
  6. Designing a planner for 2013. ;)
  7. Learning new things :D With time and youth in my hands, I want to make sure I make the most out of my first year out of school. I'll never stop learning, and hopefully, I'll never stop being curious.
I feel that my outlook in life is so much more positive now that I'm out of my teens. Let's hope it lasts and that it eventually pushes me out of my "lost" phase! I honestly still don't know what to do! But now I'm excited about instead of dreading the outcome.

And now, annoying preachy-hallmark card-moment time!

To all of you,(I'm really only mostly speaking to myself, as is the same for this whole blog) Enjoy this year! Set goals, be excited, but be easy on yourself, and make health and your mood your first priority! Don't worry too much about running out of time to the point where you forget what you need it for. (hint: living a GOOD+HAPPY life) Or end up shortening the time you do have because stress kills, you know.

Laugh often, love fully, treat every circumstance in life as if you chose it yourself. Treat everything that comes your way as if it's good news or at the very least, an opportunity to grow. In the end, it's all just a ride. Don't let it get to you! Don't take yourself so seriously. Take it easy and the universe will reflect your attitude back to you. Life is a big game of pretend that everyone is playing, so play! And have fun. :)

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  1. First on our lists..graduating! :)