Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Post-Holiday Gift-giving Recap! (copied from my tumblr)


SO LATE , I know. but here they are.
My theme for the wrapping paper was peppermint and cocoa, as I had previously stated.
I designed this really nifty bookmark.. the idea came to me after buying those necklaces. (really pretty right?) I call them Polaris bookmarks. the pendant was realllllyyy prettyyy but I somehow didn’t see it as looking its best when worn around the neck, I felt like it would look best dangling.. And I thought “why not from a book??” It’s a really classy bookmark, I was really excited when I started thinking about how to make it into one. 

I ended up designing a way to twist a piece of wire (or paperclip) so that when you pin it at the middle of the book, there’s a ring from where the clasp will be swinging away from without being pulled in and out of the book. I also had to round the edges so that they won’t scratch precious paperbacks my best friend would be reading. :3 My prototype, pictured with The Golden Compass (ISNT IT PRETTY??? I mean, sure it makes it obvious how slowly I’m progressing with my reading, but still) was made with a plain silver paperclip with a plain rounded edge. Carmen’s one, the final product, was twisted in a heart design at the back for extra cuteness, with a brown paperclip cos earthy-elegant-sleek is her style. :3

Also, there’s the mixtape I made for Ma in the making :B

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