Saturday, October 8, 2016

You are not a fantasy. You are an experience.

Don't look at mirrors to find your worth
You were not born to be
eternally striving
to be easier to look at

Your eyes were meant to look
and outward, into the world
to find things that give you life

Your knees needn't be smooth
to prop you up
into greater heights
and bruise and bleed
into greater strength

Your body was not meant
to be stuffed into tight spaces
and to be hidden in the dark
to stay porcelain, and unexposed, and brittle

You were meant to move,
to laugh with your mouth open
to love with eyes intent
and not looking down on your feet

Let us be with you
through the spilling of your soul
let any image of you fall to the wayside
of the life you live

Just something I'm writing to myself, (and people like me) for those dark moments where I feel ugly, ungraceful, awkward and unlikeable, and needing to clam up, hide, and basically cease to be in the presence of people I want to befriend but find intimidating because I feel bad about myself. Or those times where I feel bad for having dirty nails and unkempt hair because I've been busy and too tired to fuss over myself more. I'm slowly finding out that: 1. Creating something is more valuable than how you look while making it, get your hands dirty! who cares. & 2. Warmth is usually very contagious and the world has more kindness to give if you're only able to be more open to receive it.


  1. Aww so touched! Of course! My blog will appreciate the exposure hahaha:D