Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Big Bang Chronicles

JK This would probably be my only post about Big Bang candy bars.

So I've always loved these things, they're one of my favorite local candy bars. I like them even more than Cloud 9! 

One day I was craving for a treat, and I walked to the nearby sari-sari store to get something. Anything chocolate. 

I asked if they had Kit-Kat but they didn't. Then I saw that the purple things were actually Big Bangs. WTH? As far as I can remember they were red and yellow. But I bought them anyway.

But then I saw the label: Blueberry and Cheese.


Not even cheesecake? Not even cream cheese? Come on, now.

At first I was a little apprehensive, what if this isn't even chocolate?! (It was a period craving. So it was absolutely crucial that it was chocolate) 

For a split second, I dreaded that it was one of those new recreations plaguing our local cheap candy bar scene that are covered with white "chocolate"... and I had bought TWO (I'm a cheapskate so I was a little hesitant to even spend just 16 pesos. I'm a horrible person jsyk.) so I quickly fumbled in the dark to check if it's chocolate, and calmed down after verifying.

I was very pleased to find that there was no real sign of any kind of cheese flavor. Just the classic slightly salty taste that normal Big Bangs have.

It did have some berry flavor through, not natural, more like the way they flavor Japanese strawberry chocolate, or the strawberry filling in soda cracker sandwiches.
So I guess they just said "cheese" for the classic combo factor of blueberry and cheeseCAKE (idek).

In any case, even with the weird labelling, I really did enjoy this. It's similar enough to the old Big Bang that it can nix a Big Bang craving, but it was different enough from the old one to not be a huge re-branding scam.

So yeah. Blueberry Big Bangs. Blueberry Big Bangs. Blueberry Big Bangs.

They're nice, they're new, and they're fun to pronounce.


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