Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Ball Jar and Some Impulsive Candy-Buying

..The Ball mason jar, that is, of candy.

I have this candy jar in the fridge right now. I unwittingly splurged on some Candy Corner loot. They script it really sneakily, telling you it's 70-99 pesos for each kind but then there's a minimum weight you can purchase (for my brother he went for the 70 peso kind, but they kept saying he hasn't reached the minimum, and when he did it was already over 100 pesos!) .. I was very confused by this system and kinda shocked that my candy ended up costing me 263 pesos! I thought it was like per pound or something. It seems that it's more like per 50 grams. Unless I was scammed. (I was probably scammed.)

But anyway, I took some of the chocolate ones and then some gummy ones. They're priced separately. And bagged seperately too, as far as I can remember. I keep the chocolates in the waxy paperbag on top of the jar but I just let the gummies out to show their bright colors.

I got a bag of some chocolate covered salted caramels and what seems to be solidified jam? Like a dense turkish delight.. They are delicious! The salted caramels are just a wee bit too salty for me, but they're still nice. There was also a lone malt ball (the lightest one in the picture).

 I like the jam ones, this form of fruit goes so much better with chocolate than freeze-dried fruit. Even if it does have a lot more sugar, probably, I don't really know.

And then I got some really pretty and yummy gummies. I got some berry gummies; they have an almost clear gummy core (I checked) with berry-flavored candy nibs (they reminded me a lot of Nerds) I think they are supposed to be blackberries and raspberries. And they really do capture the look, I must say. Pretty impressive. Then I got some blue jelly bellys, I think they're blueberry... They're so nice, and they look super pretty.

Then I have these funny/sad little green soldiers. Like those toys we used to have (as also seen in Toy Story). Funny because a lot of them had broken parts and were kinda disfigured in the main tub thing. Sad because that really happens in real life, you asshole.

I've forgotten what they taste like exactly. I picked them because I like my gummies naked, that is to say, not covered with sugar/sour powder. I don't remember what the flavor is... but I want to say apple. Let's just say apple. I also want to say good. They were good.

After being told the price of my treasure, I tried hard not to think of how many blueberry Big Bangs I could have bought with the money I spent on this candy. (I failed. It's 32 blueberry Big Bangs.) I told myself, you've been saving so well and working so hard these past few months. You deserve this. But whatever I tell myself, it's hard to feel like I made a mature financial decision when I overspent on candy, of all things.

Luckily, every time I tried something from the bags, I kept being surprised by how good the candy was. So maybe it's very unfair to compare these to Big Bangs by sheer volume. These are not exactly Big Bangs. This is awesome candy. So it's okay that I spent more than I normally would be willing to spend on candy. (mental note: don't do this more than once a year, though.)

 Also, I think the fact that I've been analyzing and justifying every purchase for the past year just makes certain amounts seem bigger, especially when it comes from my own pocket. Speaking candidly here now, I didn't really have to deprive myself of a lot to be able to save, because my mom still buys me stuff and food! (Thank you mama. Happy Mother's Day haha) All that I had to deprive myself of are wants, like shoes, clothes, makeup or whatever; never my needs. If there's one thing I can't afford, it is to pretend I've been super mature this whole time with all things money. I can't afford to think I'm an expert at something when I still have a lot of room for improvement. But expensive candy, I can afford to buy some (just this once).

Boy I sure blogged a lot about candy this weekend. I'm sure we're all thirsty. And hot, for those of you who, like me, are suffering very hot tropical weather. So here's a nudge for water! Drink up guys.

Hoot hoot.

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