Monday, April 28, 2014

Best Birthday Popsicles

Speaking of my birthday -yes, let's all pretend you read my previous post, please- I discovered an awesome to make awesome chocolate popsicles on my birthday. My mom had bought a bottle of buffalo milk a couple of days before, and fearing that it would go bad before we could finish it, I decided to make popsicles with it! I just squirted all of the leftover Goya chocolate syrup we had left into the milk (also I put some milk in the bottle and shook it really hard a number of times to make sure I get all of the syrup!) and shook shook shook~ !

The result was popsicles that were much creamier than when I used instant coffee with just water. Buffalo milk is allegedly lower in cholesterol compared to cow's milk, and is certainly richer than the latter. The flavor really went well with Goya syrup. nyamnyam :3

My brother and I still remember the day our parents brought this popsicle maker home. It was the most amazing thing we've ever seen. It even has a base that gathers all the molten popsicle stuff and a straw to drink it with! Now it's a little banged up, but still pretty good. We were so excited when we found it while my brother was "spring" cleaning.

Thanks, kuya Monj!

It's smoother at the tip compared to the base which still feels like ice candy, but the flavor is good all throughout.

Even Sansa wanted some! But even though I usually share with her when I eat ice cream, I couldn't this time since it was chocolate. So we just pretended:

Yup. She got way into character.

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