Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nifty Baby Feelin' Fifty

So I've got this nice drawstring bag that I love a lot. It's ultrablack and velvety and even if it has the tendency to attract mosquitoes and heat because of how black it is (the details are really black, but somehow the main fabric is much much blacker... hmmm.), I find it has the perfect mix of beautiful and simple for everyday use.

But a problem I often have with it is fishing my stuff out of the thing, especially when they're small. My trick so far has been to put anything small in the reasonably sized zipped pocket inside, so that it's close enough to the light of outside and doesn't have too much space for my hand to search in order to find a specific flash disk or pen or bill.

But then this baby enters the picture:

It was an impulse buy during our trip to Vigan; we often went to National Bookstore (he even went without me once because I was too tired) and one time we bought a book about card magic, some cards, and this pink thing. I used it to read books, sure, but today I thought of a better use for it:

Tadaa! It's perfect. I first thought I'd have to clip it to the zipper, which doesn't work well anyway because it doesn't clip shut, which it needs to ensure it doesn't trigger the light. But I realised that the tiny clip on it is perfect for the tag inside the bag! And so it is now permanently installed in my beautiful black hole of a bag.

In very unrelated news, my cousin posted this old picture of us on Facebook:

Beardy said it looked like I was already feeling old.
It was my second birthday.

Lastly, here is a picture of Sansa (I haven't posted pictures of her here for a while!) looking very happy to see us all home, and proud of how newly bathed and fluffy she is:

The contrast of her and my mom's expressions is priceless.

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