Wednesday, March 19, 2014


An awkward hello to you, dear blog. Writing here feels like trying to approach an old friend I've ignored for years. I've been trying to be okay with life as a tutor these days, but I think it's time that I tried to not be a lazy blob that just eats and sleeps whenever they are not at work. I think it's a coping mechanism for me somehow, but I know I'll have to eventually learn to balance work and my passions ...somehow.

I remember writing here about once trying to break up with shampoo and switching to baking soda. Obviously that didn't work out.. I ended up buying new shampoo before I even got to finish the ones I had left! (Just too many yummy-smelling shampoos in the stores. Like the green Sunsilk, which I'm using right now.. mmm) BUT I did eventually stop washing my hair every single day. At first it made it oily, as you all know, regular shampoos have sulfates in them, which strip the natural oils on our heads. It makes it feel squeaky clean but makes our scalps over-produce oil, thinking there isn't enough. My head has always been prone to flaking in recent memory, and I think it was being stripped too much by everyday shampoo use. Now that it has become used to only being washed every 2-3 days, it has stopped overproducing oil, so I can go for more than 24 hours without washing my hair without my head smelling horrible and becoming super oily. And somehow the heat-headaches I get when I don't wash my head every 24 hours have stopped happening too.

 Maybe I just havent encountered the worst of the summer heat yet since the change, yes, but also, I think overproduction of oil might have made my scalp feel hotter too.

Now that I wash my head about 50% less times than I used to, I can cut down my shampoo usage to half as well. That's kinda neat, especially after seeing this mess:
That's a paperbag that's in my bathroom right now, full of emptied bottles of shampoos, conditioners, soap, and mouthwash. SO MUCH JUNK. So much useless empty space. I hope they crush these before leaving them in dumps, or better yet, I hope they recycle them all..

I'm trying to stop being sentimental over shampoo bottles so that I can throw them out. Yes it happens to me. I feel that way about shampoo bottles that E brought here or the ones we bought from places we went. HAHAHAHA. I know how silly it sounds. Shh.

Eventually I'll want to change to stuff that are less harmful to the environment and my body in general (like sulfate free shampoos? or biodegradable bottles? they will be hard to find), but for now I'm sticking to what I'm used to, just doing it less, since I can't afford greener stuff, which are, let's all admit, more expensive. (and I don't even know where to look for them)

Baby steps.

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