Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hope... strengthening... Must.. make it happen..

I have been great, thank you for asking!

everyday we get closer to me possibly going to visit beardy!

the pressure is on ~~~ (i still haven't had my visa appointment)

but so is the excitement! everyone has been super supportive, and i'm so grateful!!!
we just got a letter, we just got a letter.. we just got a letter.. wonder who it's from?
jk it's from beardy ofc! we needed some official documents fedexed so he figured he should leave in a cute pink handwritten letter too :3 he hated the paper and decided he'd make it into something good haha

In other life news, I've been very glad about finding a job that i'm comfortable in going to day in day out etc etc.... It would have been depressing if I had to spend these months before going to Beardy being a house potato and not doing anything.

Things I Like About my Job:

  • my boss is nice, and his wife is nice too
  • the kids i teach are nice
  • it's not stressful like callcenter work
  • i don't need to bug my brother to drive me to and from work everyday
  • because i can get there in THREE MINUTES by foot!
  • i like the nature of the job, it's actually fulfilling!
  • and the pay isn't bad, especially since i don't need to be driven to work anymore (gas is money)
  • it's like going to your friends' house to help them with homework but it's actually a job
so yeah, it's humble honest work, which i enjoy :) there are no fancy bonuses or paid leaves, but as long as i fill my own spot while i'm away, i can take a long summer vacation... (i mean my boss isn't ecstatic about it, but he didn't say it's not allowed :p) and well, i did want to have some form of teaching experience in my life.. remember my wanting to be a preschool teacher phase? didn't work out because i can't commit for whole school years... but tutoring allows me that flexibility. and i have 4 hours free in between shifts to pursue my passions if i was so inclined.

so yeah. focusing on the good stuff today! motivation! good stuff.

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