Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sah-weet Surprises

I innocently went with my mom to her office because I didn't have work today and ended up being spoiled rotten.
The day was already good from the start, even if I did have less sleep than I would have liked to have on a no-work day. I got up, got dressed, had iced coffee and watched this cool Game of Thrones related video (I've been so hyped up about the upcoming season premiere.. GRAAAH!).

Then on the way to the office I managed to fight off some morning sickness (I get that when I wake up too early) with some orange juice; very fortunate that my mom suggested getting some mcDo drive-thru for breakfast. Even though I did forget that Egg McMuffins are not the same as Sausage McMuffins with egg (darn it, THAT's the one I wanted) and I didn't feel like eating hashbrowns because I've been feeling bloated lately.

While I was sitting there doing nothing, (and being the oldest one of the "kids" that everyone brought to work yesterday) my mom generously treated me to a couple of treatments at the spa across the street.
And if that wasn't overly indulgent enough for one day, I later ended up being treated to some of the sexiest, most delicious (and photogenic) cupcakes in all deh land ~~~

I met ate Kat during one summer when I took a summer job at my mom's office many moons ago. I warmed up to her pretty quickly (I get shy and quiet around most people I meet through my mom) and found her super cool (I feel that it's important to say at this point that she introduced me to Neil Gaiman). Now she owns her very own café and it's the cutest, quirkiest little piece of trippy heaven. Regrettably, I did not get to bring Atom with me earlier, but I'll be sure to the next time I go ~ hopefully after I've had him repaired; he still has that little shutter quirk. >.< I'd love to write about how cute and creative the place is!

He did however get to help me out on snapping some pictures right after coming home, most of which will be shown in the next post.

Ate Kat told me she'd treat me to a meal when I stop by, but I didn't have as much time as I thought I would have. My mom asked that I be ready to get whisked away back to the office at a moment's notice so I just chatted with her and decided that I'll buy a box of cupcakes to go when it's time to leave. After mama called telling me I'm about to be picked up, we went to where the cupcakes are so I could choose which ones to get. One box fits six cupcakes; I decided I couldn't not try each one I could see, but after counting twice, I realised there were SEVEN kinds! Oops! Ate Kat said we'll just sneak another one in there. I thought, hey I'm going to get treated to a cupcake after all! But then she suddenly said I didn't have to pay ...for any.
 –I told you I'd treat you if you came!, she said.
WHAAAAA??? *tries to keep composure but weeps inside*

So in the end I got seven free cupcakes, and even the one extra was all boxed up really pretty! Sometimes I'm really shocked by how generous some people can be. Numerous things people do that you hear about make you doubt the entire human race, but a select few do things like this to you in real life and all of a sudden you think you might have gotten it all wrong.
That got way too deep. Sorry, I have too much sugar in my blood right now.

You could see how much attention and care she gives to her products, even from the packaging. Check out the adorable sticker:

It's the apostrophe on her logo, and it's the most adorable thing. I saved this one because I wanted to stick it onto my journal for today, a reminder of how inspired I felt today to create something in my life that is authentic to me. Oops. There I go again. Don't worry, these sugar high trances don't last very long.
I already had two of them, and I’d love to tell you how awesome they were! But alas it is already too  late and I have to sleep now to make the most out of the weekend…

(Finn Nelson Voice)To be continued...
PS: Who else watched the final episode of My Mad Fat Diary?! I HOPE IT GETS RENEWED. More of dis fez plz.

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