Friday, March 15, 2013

⍟ freedom on friday ⍟

freedom from the bad feelings ~ i'm having a good day so far, considering how i've been feeling lately. i gave sansa a bath and brushed her fur, have been eating healthy delicious food, listening to nice music, playing jacksmith and even doing some work!

Zzzz... (taken in Pangasinan)

i don't know if it's just me but my dog seems to reflect my general state of being at any time. she's calm when im calm and she goes craaaazy when i'm frustrated! even though i try to control how i act around her. i guess some things can't be hidden that well, at least from our body language reading pets. honestly though it may all be just a coincidence. im sure she gets cray cray when she's alone.

i might be completely late to the party but last night i enjoyed playing around with pixect. i needed a way to show beardy this cute memory "stick" mama gave me:

of course when i saw the different effects i couldnt help but use them unnecessarily.

☠ reepypie 

♡ bvttface ♡

so yeah, slowly but surely i see myself feeling better and being better in the days to come. i see myself beating my demon (kinky) and graduating and making things and selling them and making people happy or at least smile n say "aw das cute"... then a bit later on finding a job and working and saving more than i spend that would be nice.

it's just one demon cos it's just the paper. the paper has been my demon for a long time. im going to beat it. just beat it..

denenenen, denenent  tent

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