Wednesday, March 13, 2013


on February 25 came not just one, but two pups in our house.
two adorable poodle-chihuahua mix puppies.
my uncle bought one so two were delivered, and they both stayed in our house for a week.

one was black with very interesting white/brown details on her coat, and the other was white with off-white spots here and there.

in my head i started calling them obvious names, flower or skunk (she looked like flower from Bambi), and mallow. strictly because of their coats.

when they came to our house, my uncle was still deliberating which one to pick. i posted pictures on facebook, and flower caught his eye, as she caught everyone else's because of her beautiful pattern. i, however, felt that i wanted to become a very good owner to whichever pup will be hours and therefore felt the pressure to keep the less-energetic puppy, to be sure that i would be able to handle her. and that was mallow. mellow mallow.

i loved them both, though :)
pretty equally.
when my uncle made his decision, i felt obliged to take more pictures of flower

because she'd be leaving soon and ohmy god look at how cute!

but soon after she did, mallow had a lot of phototimes too.

in the end, my cousin, who is flower's forever-master, named her Baji.

As for mallow, my family agreed to my suggestion Sansa.

I thought about it because it sounds like what she looks like, and the way they fought reminded me of Sansa and Arya from GoT.

Sansa has her naughty moments, but overall she is very mellow and loving and makes EVERYONE smile. Even strangers! We took her to Pangasinan and she behaved very well during the long car rides and more-or-less follows us around off-leash in public (the leash still scares her so she won't follow if we put it on her)

As for Baji, my cousin is a teenage boy so I'm guessing he can handle her energy (just don't leave her alone in the crate and let her settle somewhere because she can scream like she's being murdered!) . And she's very smart and quick to pottytrain while she was here (Sansa still needs a little more time) so I'm sure they will love her :)

So there. A very long hiatus but very cute puppy pics so I hope you forgive me.

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