Monday, February 11, 2013

i sold out!

hihi :) my best friend had reserved the last box ^^

(warning: i will just be gushing about the whole experience in this post XD don't expect much)

i'm very pleased with this project. my goals were realistic and i reached them, and it makes my heart feel really good! it did a lot of good stuff for my self esteem. as someone who always starts stuff and never finishes them, this makes me feel like a changed person, even though i only earned a few pesos and it was a small project to begin with. the important thing is, i had a vision, i followed it, and i actually believe in my product! and i enjoy doing every step! from melting, tempering, buttering the molds, putting in the fillings, unmolding, to wrapping them all up with foil, crepe paper and stickers! i even enjoyed assembling the boxes!

when people receive them, they tell me "ang laki pala!" (i didn't know they were this big!) and it puts a smile on my face to know that they felt that they got more than they expected to get! and it makes me feel really nice when they tell me they like it after they've tried them!

sigh. that's all. :)

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