Friday, February 15, 2013

bolentimes day

hello! how has everyone's day(s?) been? (what's the proper form of that? everyone is a lot of people, who each have their own day, but in essence it is just the same day. this is a serious question. halp my engrish prease.)

today, i watched Ella Enchanted on DVD, and I began to watch The Prince and Me, but I wasn't feeling in the mood to watch something I've already seen... Until I switched to cable and saw 50 First Dates was on, and found myself watching it 'till the end.. heh. favorites.

we had dinner out with my family. we ended up eating at Royal Carribean where I usually go with friends, because there was nowhere else!!! every restaurant was full! and we have LOADS of choices here where i live.

i'd post pictures but, the fact that i can only use my laptop on safe mode puts me off >.< i should probably schedule times to borrow my mom's. for blogthings, photo archives, and to type down thesis stuff.

this was my face tho

aaaah my thesis! halp!

ill be okay.. i'll be okay.. i'll be okay...

i feel very erratic, unfocused and a little crazy. but i'm feeling very okay and like i'll eventually get in the zone. yoga helps a lot! mah badeh feels nice and tingly. and i feel myself improve every class! i can do the full bridge pose without assistance again! it's been years since i've done that. my valentines project went smoothly, and now i only have my thesis to attend to.. until my friend starts with hers because i'm assistant director in that film. what an honor!

i'll graduate, i'll graduate, i'll graduate.


*crosses fingers reaaaally tight*

seriously though i think i'm going a little crazy. you should see me when i'm alone in my room! i keep singing jibberish D: but i'm theorizing that if i regress to a childlike mumbling state maybe it will spark my creativity? children are creative right, that's their thing? anyway i painted something.. but again i can't show them right now


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